School in Dubai  has profiles for most of the public, private  , non profitable kindergartens and schools in Dubai. As you search for schools that fit your family , you’ll find information on academic performance, extracurricular programs, school culture, and more based on KHDA ratings and parents experiences.




Which nursery? Which school? What are the best schools? These are questions asked many times. There are so many education options  in Dubai from nurseries , kindergartens,  primary and secondary schools,  university and further education institutes. UAE is the most diverse country hosts millions of people from almost every culture, race and religion so they have different expectations and different criteria to choose a school.  Education Fairs are being organised by different organizations every year to get the many great institutes under one roof. you will find here everything you need to know about education and school in Dubai and the UAE… we take a look at many of the schools in Dubai and also their curricula, as well as fee structures to help you to make your decision easy.

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There are plenty of international schools in Dubai.It is bit difficult to secure seat in a good school in Dubai so expats should complete registration process as soon as possible. It is suggested to parents to contact directly school for details. We will give a brief preview of curricula, fee structure and list.

Another important criteria is to look into school’s KHDA rating.  The Dubai School Inspection Bureau is a part of KHDA is a group of inspectors who asses the Schools for their performance in different fields in the following year. These inspectors use four point scale to express their judgment. These four points are:

  1. Outstanding
  2. Good
  3. Acceptable
  4. Weak

Every school includes KHDA ratings on its website. So its easier to find the detailed assessment on school’s performance.

Education providers in UAE offer wide range of curricula. We have further categorized international schools by Curricula

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  • Sabis and Indian Curriculum CBSE syllabus includes the summary and list of content to be gone through during teaching and learning process in a particular grade READ MORE