If I recall my childhood, it amazes me because of the extent of its simplicity. Life was so simple those days. We had more time to explore nature and inquire about ourselves. Books and libraries were essential part of our lives. But now the time has changed. Everything is on finger tips now. In andRead more »

Mathematics is some thing to be passionate about When I was a kid I never gave a thought about perusing bachelors With major in applied maths  . This is not because of mathematics it self. It was because of the way it was being taught. Later I realized that mathematics is not something to memorize orRead more »

Get your kids involved in the great experiments

A quick comparison of British and IB curriculum. What my child should choose? is one of the biggest questions I have came across. When it comes to my child I researched alot. By Enhance Learning

How much exposure to technology Or we can say how much Screen Time is healthy for young children. Study reveals the 8 out of 10 parents believe gadgets help their child’s development. but its important to go through guidelines to reduce use of technology for their psychological, physical and mental growth. Many parents now aRead more »

Its very exciting to land a great job in Dubai. Dubai is on of the best places to live with yearlong sunshine and great hospitality but when it comes to search for school in Dubai its a quite difficult and tricky stuff. Dubai is place where one can find people from almost every culture andRead more »