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How much exposure to technology Or we can say how much Screen Time is healthy for young children. Study reveals the 8 out of 10 parents believe gadgets help their child’s development. but its important to go through guidelines to reduce use of technology for their psychological, physical and mental growth.

Many parents now a days think that gadgets and screen time play important role in their child’s development but how far they can go? how much screen time is healthy this is a question being asked by not only parents but also teachers psychologist and other concerned authorities.
we can not avoid value of screen time in modern childhood with kids of every age group spending hours and hours in front of screens of different types. like everything it has also some pros and cons. Educational applications and tv shows help kids to develop and sharpen their brains and communication skills. According to many researches extended use of these gadgets may cause delayed cognitive development in kids.

Long term consequences Of extended exposure to technology.

Delayed Cognitive development

When very small children get hooked on tablets and smartphones, says Dr. Aric Sigman, an associate fellow of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine, they can unintentionally cause permanent damage to their still-developing brains. He further says Too much screen time too soon is the very thing impeding the development of the abilities that parents are so eager to foster through the tablets.

Lack of physical Activity

Too much use of technology makes children lazy. they need more physical activities not only for their bodies but for their developing brains.

Development at Risk

Studies show that excessive use of gadgets at age of two to three struggle with their motor skills, visual and spatial skills. These skills can be learned through Gadget-free play time.

Eye Strain

More and more children are suffering from eye strain due to long screen hours.This can lead to blurry vision, eye fatigue, focus issues, and even double vision.

Poor Posture

Hand held tablets promotes poor postures in children. Poor posture can cause subluxations, or misalignment in the child’s spine, which can cause other health or pain issues. Poor posture is even more of a problem for tweens and teens, since they are more susceptible to back pain and back problems developing that will follow them later on in life.


There are many more reason to limit your child’s screen time for their better healthy future.


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  1. Great article,perfect elaboration of the reasons. I personally believe on the same and am sure many would do too.