Indian expats are 50 percents of total expat population in UAE. Most of the Indian schools Follow CBSE which is  India’s central education system.indian Curriculum
CBSE Syllabus is the list of topics and subtopics to be covered in the course of study during an academic year. CBSE syllabus includes the summary and list of content to be gone through during teaching and learning process in a particular grade . CBSE issues syllabus booklets for classes 9, 10, 11 and 12. Indian curriculum is revised every year. For classes 1-8, CBSE does not provide exact content in terms of syllabus but suggests some common components to be followed as given in NCF-2005 and guidelines issues by NCERT.

List of Indian Curriculum Schools in Dubai.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School Dubai
Bilva Indian School
Buds Public School
Central School Dubai
Credence High School
Delhi Private School Dubai
Emirates English Speaking School Jumeirah
GEMS Education
GEMS Heritage School
GEMS New Millennium School
GEMS Our Own English High School
GEMS Our Own Indian School
Gulf Indian High School
Gulf Model School
Indian High School Al Garhoud
Indian High School Dubai
Indian International School
JSS Private School
New Indian Model School
Our Own High School Al Warqa’a
Primus Private School
Sabari Indian School
Springdales School
The Elite English School
The Indian Academy
The Kindergarten Starters
The Millennium School



SABIS designs its own curriculum, which gives an excellent foundation for students to continue their studies successfully in any of the world’s top universities. The curriculum is comprised of coherent syllabus using books published by SABIS .
All courses for students at all levels are clearly structured to enable students and teachers to know precisely what they should  learn. Teachers teach one concept at a time using the SABIS Point System with each lesson alternating frequently between oral work, individual work, and group work in such a way that it is difficult for students to “switch off.”

Students engage in regular assessment using exams that teachers do not see in advance. Everyone in the school is accountable. Accordingly, students learn more in class and have more time for relaxation and fun after school.

International School of Choueifat.

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