Mathematics is some thing to be passionate about

When I was a kid I never gave a thought about perusing bachelorsmathematics With major in applied maths  . This is not because of mathematics it self. It was because of the way it was being taught. Later I realized that mathematics is not something to memorize or to just doing it again and again. Mathematics is a play back song in every field of life. It was due to teacher I got in later years.It was the defining moment of my life.

Whenever i come across the question ” what is most hated subject for you?” most of the students will answer mathematics without giving a second thought.
There are lots of areas to cover when we talk about mathematics. But few thing need to be worked over.


Old Methods

In an average school an average teacher follows the old traditional methods of teaching. Mathematics is some thing about interest, as i earlier said its a playback song of almost every field. So how can one limit it to books and old fashioned ways of teaching.
Below are the few tips to make mathematics a passion for your child instead of headache.
Application in Daily Life- Mental maths
This method is more appropriate for young kids to develop their interests. As we are living in a age where kids are more curious and more realistic. One can not keep their interest in subject without giving them sensible reasoning. Many schools here in UAE are following Mental Maths. But how successful are they in keeping children’s interest in subject is still a question.
Most of the teachers don’t even understand the basic concept behind any problem. Mathematics is all about logic. It is important to think about ” what is happening?” “Why is it happening?” . concept should be cleared through

  • Theoretical Interpretation
  • Geometrical Interpretation

Theoretical interpretation

Theory is the key to learn mathematics. You can not drive Newton’s laws without going into its theory, theory means mathematics. In my times the basic emphasize was to solve the problem without going through any theory. For example no one can understand Number system with going in to depth of theory.

Geometrical interpretation

Geometrical interpretation is one of the most important tools to explain and elaborate problems for example we talk about Integration we show area under the curve while Differentiation can be interpreted as the slope of the tangent line at the point on the graph of the function.


Bottom line is we need to change traditional methods of teaching maths and bring in innovative ideas for even simple addition and multiplication. So kids can stop fearing maths.